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How does it work?

    At leisure

  • Watch the pre-recorded course video
  • Download lecture notes and course material
  • Absorb the material and make notes
    Live online sessions with lecturer (3 per year)

  • Communicate directly with the lecturer and other participants in writing. Ask your questions

CPD points:
Self Directed Learning
– the video and the related articles can provide you with up to 5 CPD hours of self directed learning.

Learning with Others (optional) – join the live web forums / discussion with the lecturer.

The live forums will run for 1 hour, three times per year (Wednesday or Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30pm GMT – for dates see course description). Participation in all three forums will provide you with up to 3 CPD hours Learning with Others.

Certificates of attendance:
Self Directed Learning
– This will typically be between 3-5 CPD hours, depending on the duration of the workshop and estimated time spent on the recommended related activities, e.g. reading material, online videos, etc.

Learning with others – you will receive a 1 hour CPD certificate for each forum you actively participate in. Just press the “Request CPD Certificate” button in the forum section of each course.

Access period:
Once purchased, you have access to that lecture/workshop for 365 days. You will be able to download the lecture notes during this period.

About CPDO

CPDO was established in 1995 as centre providing continuing professional training in the area of manual and physical therapy.

CPDO aims to provide further professional development for manual therapists of all disciplines.

The courses focus on three areas of professional development:

To facilitate the development of manual skills and range of techniques used by the therapist.

To help the therapist develop their clinical methods, the understanding of how to clinically apply their technical skills and to improve their diagnostic abilities.

To facilitate the personal development of the individual as a therapist and the quality of the therapeutic relationship with the patient.
The courses are designed to provide an immediate and practical use of the learned material in clinic.


The centre is run by Dr. Eyal Lederman and Tsafi Lederman.